Huge 3D Curved Sections Completed for USA

3D Curved Sections

Alubend has proudly supplied 3D Curved Sections that included machined and welded parts for the most complex bending project the world has seen to date. The huge three dimensional formed twisted profiles were formed on a bespoke machine for the project. The main section rib weighing in at over 55kg/m is possibly one of the heaviest extruded profiles ever curved. To form this in both axes and twist over the length was something that seemed to be unachievable.

Alubend worked to develop the bending system and controls. A process taking hundreds of hours of engineering analysis to even produce the first bend. Coupled with the large bend was a second profile, a channel change that had to match the three dimensional curves of the main rib. Associate director of Alubend described matching the two bends in a 3D twisted form was ‘the closest to impossible you could find’.

3d curved aluminium extrusion profile section bending service.

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What is important when specifying or using a 3D curved aluminium extrusion in your building or automotive structure? Working with Alubend to assist with the design of the original straight profile. Indeed, small changes to the profile can mean the difference between success and failure. Or costly secondary processes to rectify the section.

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