Curved Extrusions for LED Lighting

Alubend master in the art of bending aluminium extrusions for LED lighting

Alubend is able to curve end to end in order to produce complete circles as well as complete the difficult job of forming and sustaining lighting channels during the bending process.

Often, light weight extrusions used to reduce ceiling load the profiles are notoriously difficult to bend. Alubend has invested in the latest servo electric bending machines to enable the profiles to be formed accurately.

Along with the bending we also supply welding services. Joining the bend almost seamlessly. We can also supply the extrusions unwelded, if existing welding processes are in place.

Curved Aluminium Extrusions for Led Lighting

Alubend offers a full finishing service including heat treatment and powder coating to architectural standards.

We can provide trial runs of parts before moving to full production and delivery from stock.

Common circular shapes are possible with a single joint. Many other shapes are also available to meet the requirements of any architect or interior planner.

Generally extrusions for lighting are around 3 metres in length, Alubend can form longer sections if required, although the manual handling in a building becomes more difficult.

More General Information on Bending Aluminium Extrusions

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Material Grades for Bending LED Lighting Extrusions

We almost always recommend bending in T4 temper although larger radii are fine with T5 and T6. More difficult sections must use T4 followed by an in-house hardening process Alubend provides. The hardening is an over night process but takes place in a controlled method that eliminates any risk distortion.


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