Ultra-tight rolled extrusion bends for windows

Aluminium extrusion bending service for Ultra-tight rolled extrusion bends

We have wondered what the World record is for the tightest roller bend for a pre-painted window section? Ultra-tight rolled extrusion bends probably wont be listed in the Guinness book of records challenges. However, we are interested to know if anyone had ever achieved better than what we have done? For Example, our tightest is 165mm inside radius on a 65mm wide frame!

Certainly mail us on if you have got tighter bends than we have managed to do.

We can even form aluminium extrusions with the wood effect mark free! They look awesome, have great thermal and fire resistance properties as well as never need varnishing… We love them!

They are impressive for sure and our sales team are amazed what our engineering staff have managed to produce. The end customers are happy too although we are not sure they realise how difficult this is.

Please check out our page on window frame bending where there is is more information ….


aluminium extrusion bending serivce for window profiles

Technical notes on Ultra-tight rolled extrusion bends

With the bending of aluminium extrusions there is a minimum radius the profile will bend to before the geometry of the section falls outside the acceptable tolerance for the extrusion.

Alubend have variable centre machines which enable differing tool sizes to be used but most importantly give the bend plan width to bend centre ratio for the section. If this bending ratio is not optimised, crushing of the section will occur. Our machines are also all servo electric which enables all the rolls to rotate at exactly the correct speed instead of using a slip clutch or fixed speeds like most other machines.

Investment in quality manufacturing

Over £1,000,000 has been invested this year on specialist aluminium extrusion bending machines to enable our bends to be the best available quality. Our investment will continue in 2020 with £500,000 planned for expansion to meet demand.

Our main market has been export for large scale projects but we have now started to take on all sizes of contract down to single items. New systems have enabled the processing of even the smallest jobs to be done efficiently.


Window systems formed

Alubend can form all window frame systems and we have many tools already. With new shapes of aluminium window frames being released weekly we don’t always have the tool. In-house CNC machining enables us to react quickly to orders for new sizes.