PPAP reports for curved aluminium

We have put a lot of time and resources into developing our quality control system for curved and bent parts. Subsequently, this has led to us being the highest quality aluminium extrusion profile bending service in the UK. Above All the Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP Reports) is key to maintaining highly accurate quality control across the board for large scale productions. Our QA manager noted:

“Here at Alubend UK we are capable of producing detailed PPAP reports for all our curved aluminium components at Levels 1 through 5. As well as producing reports to customer specific requirements”

All in all, our basic PPAP process includes 18 standard documents, to be applied to PPAP level 3 reports. Additionally a range of reports are available based on the project’s needs. We are also more than happy to follow client provided templates to ensure full quality control meets your demands.

Including Control Plans to FMEA reports, we can provide any documentation or certification needed to reassure our clients that their project will be completed to highest quality standard.

Importantly, with regards to our three dimensional aluminium extruded profile forming service complex bends can require multiple processes to ensure absolute accuracy. Our PPAP reports are essential to our clients in the Aviation, Rail and Automotive industries where quality control is of utmost importance.


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