Can you bend this aluminium alloy or temper?

What Tempers can you bend?

One of the most common questions we receive for our aluminium extrusion bending service is: Which aluminium alloys can be curved successfully? Followed by What tempers can for formed?

Certainly the grade makes a huge difference. Such as the 6XXX series, which has been developed for successful bending.

The temper plays a key role in how difficult it is to achieve the desired bend of your curved aluminium profile extrusion.  Therefore some tempers are considered easier and cheaper top bend with.

Stiffer sections often require a lot more tooling, time and effort to get precisely the right curve and profile dimensional control.

The minimum radius is another thing that is affected by both the alloy and temper. Certain alloys are more prone to breaking and stronger tempers can increase this tendency. These sections will therefore be limited with regards to how tightly they can be curved.

A simple way to ease this process is to soften the aluminium extruded sections before the bending process. Followed by a post bend heat treatment of the formed and radiused aluminium bends. At Alubend we can provide carefully monitored tempering services pre-and post bend. Therefore allowing us to more easily meet the required radii of each section.

Range of Tempers

We have a helpful table that lists a number of alloys and tempers and how they affect the bending process. Note that we have not included all possibilities, and if your product is not listed, that does not necessarily mean we are unable to bend it.

We have proven time and again that we are able to bend sections in ways thought to be impossible. We have 3D curved what is currently the largest curved aluminium section ever created for a completely unique structure in America. And we have formed incredibly tight aluminium sections for a large aviation supplier using thin and lightweight aluminium.

Whether it’s a simple run of aluminium sections or a completely unique design, we are always eager to take on our next big project.

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