Bending Aluminium Window Frames

Bending Aluminium Window Frames


Bending aluminium window frames extrusions can be some of the most simple to bend aluminium sections. Either that or they can be incredibly difficult. Thought this all depends on of few key factors:

  • How the extrusion used,
  • the shape of the window
  • and the tightest bending radius to be achieved


Curved aluminium window frame with thermal break 1            Curved aluminium window frame with thermal break            Bend aluminium sections after powder coating (2)


Another difficult aspect could be if we need to bend aluminium sections after powder coating. Since having the section pre-coated introduces the possibility of damaging the finished surface.

When faced with a section that has added risks we need to find new and inventive solutions. Our aluminium extrusion bending service team always amazes us with the results they are able to create. Especially in terms of the steps they can take to ensure the surface quality on window frames.


Our recent order for tall arched aluminium extrusion window frames was one of these instances. Indeed it was a job that seemed simple on the surface had to be handled with care. This  after the material arrived pre-powder coated. Therefore, special steps had to be taken to ensure that the finish on the coated sections would remain intact and undamaged. Our team worked hard and the results show it.


Bend aluminium sections after powder coating (3)        Bend aluminium sections after powder coating (1)Bend aluminium sections after powder coating


These beautifully curved sections were produced with no markings on the existing powder coated surface. Our customers could not be happier with the result of the service for the curved aluminium extrusion bending.


Bending after powder coating as well as bending sections to incredibly tight radius are the jobs that many aluminium bending service companies avoid. However, we at Alubend see these as opportunities to show what can be done. Indeed. given enough time and effort we can produce almost any aluminium bend.

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