Bending Thin Walled Aluminium to a Tight Radius


How to bend thin walled aluminium to a tight radius without damaging?

This is a common challenge we have encountered in high quality aluminium bending services.

Years of experience in the field of curved aluminium sections has shown us just how easily thin walled aluminium sections can be cracked or otherwise damaged. This has led to many late nights pulling our hair out trying to find a solution, and thankfully, we have.


Thin walled Extrusion for tight aluminium bending


We have developed a carefully set up process that allows us to bend impossibly thin walled sections to accurately tight radii with very little to no risk of damaging. This process is surprisingly simple and easily repeatable. We have already used it in a number of fantastic projects over the years and results have been incredible.


Thin Walled aluminium curved to a tight radius (High)Thin Walled aluminium curved to a tight radius (Low)



The Solution

We use a combination of specially design tooling and a customized machines to carefully fit the delicate material in order to properly support and guide it through the bending process. We also ensure that once we have found the correct set up for each section we track every step to ensure that the repeat runs come out with precisely the same quality every single time.

Our intensive quality checking system tracks each and every issue or error in the bending process so that we can quickly address it. While almost all sections will have the same general issues, individual sections can also bring up unique problems.

Our latest example of this was completing a run of curved aluminium box trims to be used by a prominent aviation company.

Thin walled aluminium curved to tight radius for first aid box

Thin walled aluminium curved to tight radius for first aid boxThin walled aluminium curved to tight radius for first aid box (2)


The hurdle of clean, tightly bent thin walled aluminium has finally been a thorn in the side of aluminium benders for years. Here at Alubend we look to challenge what is considered impossible or too difficult and find ways to create what ever our customer needs.

Exceptional 3 Dimensional Bends, impossibly tight radii, and the highest quality final products. These are the aspects that our customers have come to expect when receiving a curved aluminium section from Alubend.

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