Alubend is a RISQS certified Supplier of Curved Aluminium

Alubend is a RISQS certified Supplier of Curved Aluminium


Our high levels of quality management and careful attention to detail allow us to provide high quality aluminium bending to specialty markets, including the UK Rail industry.

We have been certified by the RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) to provide highly specialised aluminium section bending services to suppliers throughout the rail industry.

What is RISQS?


As stated on their website:

In short we help suppliers sell in to the GB rail industry by providing an open, fair and transparent way for them to be formally recognised as capable providers of products and services.

This means we support Network Rail, Transport for London, passenger and freight operating companies, rolling stock organisations, main infrastructure contractors and many other buying organisations in the management of supply chain risk.

The scheme embraces rail’s qualification arrangements. RISQS is industry-owned and governed, sponsored by a committee of representatives from across the rail industry. This reports into the RSSB Board, and RSSB provides a range of services to support operational delivery of the scheme.


What Categories is Alubend Certified for?


We quality for 37 codes in Manufacturing and Supply        (Click here to Expand)
E.K.1.12 Machined Components > SupplyE.K.1.12 Machined Components > Manufacture
E.K.1.13 Fabricated Components > SupplyE.K.1.13 Fabricated Components > Manufacture
E.K. Door Furniture (eg handle) > SupplyE.K. Door Furniture (eg handle) > Manufacture
E.K. Track > SupplyE.K. Track > Supply
E.K. Track > ManufactureE.K.2.1.10 Crash Structure > Supply
E.K.2.1.10 Crash Structure > ManufactureE.K.2.1.3 Side walls > Supply
E.K.2.1.3 Side walls > ManufactureE.K.2.1.4 Roof > Supply
E.K.2.1.4 Roof > ManufactureE.K.2.1.5 Head of vehicle > Supply
E.K.2.1.5 Head of vehicle > ManufactureE.K.2.1.7 Intermediate horizontal structure > Supply
E.K.2.1.7 Intermediate horizontal structure > ManufactureE.K.2.1.8 Structural partitions > Supply
E.K.2.1.8 Structural partitions > ManufactureE.K.2.2.1 Front Windscreen > Supply
E.K.2.2.1 Front Windscreen > ManufactureE.K.2.2.2 Opening windows > Supply
E.K.2.2.2 Opening windows > ManufactureE.K.2.2.3 Glazing Units > Supply
E.K.2.2.3 Glazing Units > ManufactureE.K.3.4.3 Rails, Handles (interior) > Supply
E.K.3.4.3 Rails, Handles (interior) > ManufactureE.K.3.4.5 Table > Supply
E.K.3.4.5 Table > ManufactureE.K.3.5.1 External Grab Handles > Supply
E.K.3.5.1 External Grab Handles > ManufactureE.K.3.6.1 Passenger seat > Supply
E.K.3.6.1 Passenger seat > ManufactureE.K.5.1.1 Pantograph > Supply
E.K.5.1.1 Pantograph > Manufacture 
This list will grow as we develop, so if you are looking for a specific code that we do not currently have, please check in with us for any updates.



Aluminium bending has a large number of uses in the rail industry, including:


  • Access tread plates
  • Carriage side windows & frames
  • Curved roof and body-side structural components
  • Door frames
  • Glazed screens
  • Lighting & sign frames
  • Luggage racks
  • Glazed booths
  • Seat frames & components
  • Structural frames for Bellows inter-carriage systems
  • Train external nameplates
  • Tubular hand rails
  • Wheelchair support frames
  • Windscreen frames


Proven High Quality Aluminium Bending


We have proved our capabilities numerous times, producing large quantity runs of thin walled aluminium sections curved to very tight radius. Years of experience in the field have made us the top choice with regards to aluminium bending quality and customer service.


Example of thin walled aluminium section bending

In industries like the Rail industry accuracy and tolerances are of incredible importance. as they could be safety critical in many situations. This is why finding a supplier who is RISQS certified Supplier of Curved Aluminium is so important.

Our customers have often comment on our attention to detail and high quality aluminium bending services, as well as our in-house finishing including machining, welding, powder coating, surface treatment and more.

If you are looking for a RISQS certified Supplier of Curved Aluminium get in touch, please feel free to contact us.