Bending Curtain Walling – Creating beautifully curved aluminium curtain wall facades


Curving curtain wall sections is a notoriously difficult process

Usually designed for their aesthetically pleasing looks, the purpose of curtain walls is to enhance the exterior of a building. As well as to allow a large amount of natural light inside to give a more open and welcoming feeling. We understand that matching that design is hugely important as it could change the feeling of looking at or being inside of the building.

Curtain walls are some of the hardest to bend sections in the field of aluminium section bending. They often have extremely tight curves or multiple radii over long sections lengths giving them a strong tendency to be damaged during the bending process.


Many bending companies shy away from curving aluminium curtain walling because of the risk to warp or ripple. Especially for longer sections.

As a specialist bending company, we pride ourselves on our ability to take on jobs that most other bending companies simply lack the experience or technology to handle.


Alubend are experienced in Bending Aluminium Curtain Wall Sections

We have vast experience in the process of curtain wall bending. Our bending engineers have developed unique techniques to bend tricky sections without damage or warping.

Our specialized bending process allows us to curve massive curtain wall sections without the need for breaking down longer pieces, allowing for a cleaner finish on the final product.


Alubend can easily curve:

  • Lengths up to 15m
  • Multiple Radii
  • Accurate Tight Curves
  • No Collapse or Rippling
  • 3D Curves


We focus on meeting customer specifications while offering best in customer service along the way.

Our highly trained personnel can work with a given reference to match your design as closely as possible. Drawings, paper templates or physical templates can be given or requested from us to ensure we are working to your exact dimensions.


If you would like to discuss our capacities for Bending Curtain Walling or get a quote, please contact us.