Communication strategy in place at Alubend

Our teams at Alubend are all set up for communication and on-line meetings with a wide variety of platforms. With the rise of home working and our growth with International clients, video conferencing reduces travel costs and allows many groups of people to meet freely.

Initially, we can make introductions from our team with a corporate presentation and follow on to weekly scheduled video calls with relevant team members.

Most recently we set up an on-line viewing at our site for 24/7 monitoring of progress of the job. This enabled the customer to click an app on their smart phone to see a multi-screen view of the project we were undertaking for them. This saved a lot of time for both our customer, and our production as a daily status report was not required.

We currently use 7 key platforms for conferencing, even House Party conferencing is available if that’s what you wish for!


Our team are dedicated to supplying the best possible service to our customers through our full range of inhouse services. These include:

Communication is key, so Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.