Keeping our customers safe when meeting face-to-face

The aluminium bending industry has always been very hands on between customers and suppliers. Especially during the beginning of setting up a new contract. While online meetings have vastly improved to cope with the current pandemic, sometimes you need to meet face-to-face. Chiefly to create a proper environment of trust and understanding.

At Alubend, we respect this environment and have made crucial improvements to our in-person meeting process that allows us to now accommodate meetings in our boardroom, as well as limited tours around the facility.

We have a number of strict safety rules in place and have provided a simple infographic hand out for our customers. This can be found below, as well as on our Information download page.


Alubend Covid Infographic


If you would like to arrange a visit, or have any questions regarding your visit, please feel free to get in touch. Our team is happy to discuss any special requirements you have have.

Our team are dedicated to supplying the best possible service to our customers through our full range of inhouse services. These include: