Aluminium making vehicles safer

Curved aluminium extrusions for Vehicles

Alubend UK are uniquely positioned to supply curved aluminium extrusions to the Automotive market in the UK and Europe.

Our team are certified to produce high quality curved components as well as safety critical components for a range of transport sectors.

Check out this interesting video how aluminium is making cars safer though it’s properties.

Here at Alubend, we now bend more and more profiles for transportation. Aerospace is a heavy user of aluminium; now both rail and automotive designers are increasing aluminium use to reduce the strength to weight ratio. More improvements are noted in the video here.

It is possible to curve aluminium extrusions in all axis as well as in three dimensions. Alubend are able to form all extruded aluminium profiles. From 6mm small bends, up to huge 300mm structural members for train frames, electric car bumpers and more.

Check out our page on rail transportation

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