Large curved structural aluminium profiles

Large curved aluminium curtain wall structural sections

The curving of large structural aluminium profiles to tight diameters is extremely difficult unless done with the correct equipment and highly skilled operators.

There should be no rippling of the profile as well as no distortion that will affect the connection of other profiles, glazing or rubber seals.

These 225mm wide structural aluminium profiles were perfectly curved to 1560mm inside radius at Alubend’s UK site by Suzanne our company manager. In this case a mandrel 4 roller with a booster was used to form these sections.

Alubend utilised a number of checks of our parts to ensure the highest standard of quality, including:

  • Flatness checks on granite tables (as shown)
  • Visual inspection under high brightness LED light to check for visual imperfections
  • CMM dimensional scanning
  • Go/no go jigs
  • Full size printed plots


Bending of parts with thermal breaks

Great care must be taken when bending sections with thermal breaks. That is because the strength difference between the aluminium and the thermal material is very different. Therefore there Is little rigidity, so it is essential that carefully designed tooling be used. Tooling that takes into account the pressure differences needed.

For larger critical bends, Alubend performs finite element analysis of the profile so as to determine the force applied to each element.


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