At the Forefront of Specialist 3D Bending

At the Forefront of Specialist 3D Extrusion Bending


Being the leaders in 3 dimensional aluminium section bending, it’s not unusual for us to get customers who have been told their enquiry was ‘impossible’.

We strive to prove that bending is as much an art as it is a science. When enough time, effort and skill is put into a job then no aluminium bending project is impossible.


A Challenge in 3D Bending


We were approached to produce a series of curved aluminium sections for a set of 3 dimensional arched windows. Immediately we could tell this would be more than the ordinary task. Our lead bending engineer saw the challenge but assured us that it could in fact be done.

The project required the extrusions to be arched vertically while also curving outward to create a 3D shape. This, on top of the fact that the section was non-standard for a window.

While not straightforward, and requiring careful calibration and set up, our carefully designed method proved to be very successful and repeatable.


Aluminium Bending Quality Checking

We carefully checked the shape throughout the bending process to ensure it matched the specifications as closely as possible. The result was a gravity defying sweeping curve that was sure to draw attention.

Our Customer had this to say after receiving the order:


3D Aluminium extrusion Bending Arch windows by Alubend


Once the final installation was complete our customer had this to say:

 Look what we finally fitted this morning.

I’ve been in the industry 30 + years manufacturing for 25 of them, this job has been the most challenging ever but as always we get there and on this occasion with huge thanks to you guys.

Thank you.


It has been far too common that we hear our customers say that other bending companies have turned them away. However, we are more than happy to take on the challenge and show that innovation and the latest technology can change what is possible.

At Alubend we thrive on the jobs that others would call too difficult. We are driven to show how beautiful and spectacular aluminium section bending can be when done with the correct amount of passion.

Contact us and see what we can offer for you.