Expanded CMM Capabilities for Aluminium Extrusion Bending Quality

Alubend Expands our CMM Capabilities for Aluminium Extrusion Bending Quality Checking

Within the field of aluminium extrusion bending, tolerances and accuracy is incredibly important. Especially when it comes to structural aluminium sections. This is where our inhouse CMM for Aluminium Extrusion Bending becomes a real benefit.

To ensure we meet this demand for quality, Alubend uses a number of modern CMM setups to check our parts throughout the various stages of fabrication.


Expanding our CMM

Due to an increase in production demand we have grown our CMM facilities with a newly acquired Romer 6-Axis arm.


The 6-Axis Hexagon Absolute Arm is specialised for high-accuracy touch measurement but also provides an option for entry into 3D scanning via compatibility with the HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner.

New CMM arm for checking curved aluminium


This arm adds to our already integrated CMM process that allows us to deliver high quality aluminium extrusion bending.

In addition to CMM we also use the following checking procedures at various stages of production:

  • Flatness checks on granite tables
  • Visual inspection under high brightness LED light to check for visual imperfections
  • Go/no go jigs
  • Full size printed plots


We are request that our customers supply templates, jigs or drawings as reference for bending. Additionally we offer in-house template and jig production based on drawings if required.

Curved aluminium profile checked with template and marble table

This 225mm wide profile is perfectly curved to 1560mm inside radius at Alubend’s UK site by our leading bending engineers.


Our team are dedicated to supplying the best possible service to our customers through our full range of inhouse services. These include: