Bending FAQ – Can You Bend to This?

Aluminium Extrusion Bending FAQ – Can You Bend to This?

Our sales team receives hundreds of enquiries a week, and naturally there are many questions asked related to aluminium extrusion bending, our in-house services and our section bending capabilities. In our FAQ series we will look to answer some of the more common questions that spring up from our customers. Today, we discuss, What Can you Bend to?

Drawings, Templates and how to submit an enquiry.


Can You Bend to This?

We are honestly surprised some times at what people give us as a reference. Hand drawn lines with no measurements might be a drawing, but we generally require a bit more technical information in order to enter production. This article breaks down the information that we absolutely need in addition to helpful bits that will make the final product that much better.


A simple checklist of information we need:

These are the bare minimum we require before producing an informed quotation. Of course, the more detailed you are the easier it is for us to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

  • The Profile / Extrusion – A profile number at times is sufficient but we are always happy to receive a cross section.
  • Dimensions – Preferably a full technical drawing, but a simple sketch with all measurements will also suffice.
  • Material Source – Free Issue or Material Supplied by Alubend
  • Powder Coated / Painted – Please inform us if the provided sections are powder coated as this changes the bending process.
  • Quantity – Quite simply, how many pieces you require.


Additional items:

These are optional but can increase the accuracy of the final product.

  • Templates – We are more than happy to bend to a physical template.
  • Profile Samples / Test Sections – With more complex projects we would request this as it allows us to test best methods and work through problems before the arise.
  • Tolerances – Unless listed on the drawing, please tell us the tolerances you require. If none are given we will work to our own Tolerances.


Information regarding services we provide:

  • Powder Coating – Do you need us to provide powder coating. If so, provide the RAL number if possible.
  • Delivery – Do you require delivery or will you be collecting
  • Fabrication/Welding – Do you want the bent sections or would you like us to provide fabrication or welding as well.
  • Special Requirements – Not all jobs are the same and sometimes you have special requirements or requests. Please, let us know and we will do the best we can.