Aluminium Bending Continues During Covid Lockdown

Aluminium Bending Continues During Covid-19 Lockdown


The UK government has announced a second national lockdown in the fight to stop Covid-19. As a business that supports companies manufacturing for frontline services, we remain open to support our customers. Offering our Aluminium Bending just as we were during the initial lockdown.

These additional restrictions were not unexpected and we have been preparing for many months.

Since the initial lockdown we applied many safety procedures to ensure of our ability to operate in this new environment.


Alubend Covid Infographic


Our teams have proven that they are incredibly adaptable. We are well trained and have risen to the challenge of serving our customers under the new conditions.

Our business management team are incredibly resilient and as a group has weathered many storms. We have the support from the group to continue our planned investments, our great people, and, of course, our loyal business partners.


If we can be of any additional support, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.