We Are Specialists in Aluminium Section Bending

Specialists in Aluminium Section Bending for Tight Curves and Window Profiles


Aluminium Bending Sample Wall


Curving aluminium sections is not an easy task, and it only gets more difficult the smaller the radius.

A typical open box section such as a pocket outer frame used on shopfront systems is actually quite easy to bend. When you move onto more complex sections such as window sections or curtain wall sections things get more complicated.

Factor in other elements of window sections. Such as upstands and rebates, odd and equal leg profiles then things get far more complicated. When faced with these issues, not only is there a risk that the curve won’t come out to the required radius. But also that the accompanying curved bead will not clip in correctly.

However, the biggest issue facing section benders, architects and window installers is: How small a curve can be created? and How complex can we design a profile while still being able to bend it?

Bending Tight Radius Components


Thin Walled aluminium curved to a tight radius (Low)


Gothic curves for example are notoriously difficult to create. Many older buildings feature small porthole windows in timber or steel that are quite difficult to replicate in modern materials. Look at any property with a new window installation. You’ll often see the original small curved windows are not changed.

Where typically it was very hard to bend anything smaller than 400mm. Achieving such a tight radius would normally be considered impossible. Alubend have a number of specialist machines and techniques that allow us to easily and consistently achieve accurate and incredibly tight bends. Even on thin walled aluminium sections.

Our production methods for tight radius aluminium bending can curve incredibly tight bends to highly optimised tolerances with consistent and reliable results.

These are our standard Aluminium Section Bending tolerances:

More information regarding out tolerances and policies can be found on our Downloads page as well as a number of useful informational sheets.

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