Can you Bend Aluminium U Channels

How do you bend extruded aluminium U channels?

 In the field of aluminium extrusion bending few things can be as difficult as bending an aluminium U channel. The question of Can you Bend Aluminium U Channels is a common one we hear.

The asymmetrical shape leads to a very high tendency for the section to warp or deform, usually resulting in the channel being collapsing. This is often unacceptable as the channel usually serves a purpose, either as a track, holding space or feature. This means that finding a way to curve U channel sections successfully is crucial.   As with all aluminium profiles, there are multiple ways to bend a U channel. Each with their own risks and challenges. The various ways are:

      Flanges In

  Flanges Out

  The Hard Way

  Either way you look at it, bending an aluminium channel is never easy. It takes a great amount of skill and experience to consistently curve the section without issues. While some extrusions are far easier to bend one way than another. U channels are notorious for being a challenge no matter which way to bend it. This is where our years of experience and finesse puts us far above the competition. We have developed customised bending machines and tooling techniques to minimise the risks of twisting, warping or distortion with great consistent results.

    Above we have images of curved U channels, curved after powder coating, with no damage to the finish no warping or collapse. While the section might appear simple enough, it is easy to underestimate the difficulty in curving such a thin walled U Channel consistently.   If you have a U channel that needs bending, get in touch with us.