Aluminium Bending Capacity Calculator

How Tight can you Bend this Aluminium Section?

Can our Aluminium Bending Capacity Calculator help you?

When setting up a project with curved aluminium sections it is important to know what is possible with regards to how tight a radius can be for that section. Decisions made in the extrusion or profile stage can have huge effects on aluminium bending. Some sections are far easier to bend. Some can be curved to incredibly tight radii. Whereas others will limit you in what can feasibly be done.

This is especially true when considering special requirements, such as meeting the EN1090-3 structural aluminium standard.


Our Expert Advise

We’ve found that a little bit of advise at the design stage can help every step of fabrication. Thereby creating the absolute best product possible for our customers. To this end we have developed an easy to use capacity calculator for our website. At the click of a button you can instantly get an idea of what is or is not possible with your profile.


Aluminium Minimum Radius Bending Calculator


We’ve put our years of experience in the field into a simple to navigate system that allows our customers easy and instant access to our capabilities when bending specific sections. This Aluminium Bending Capacity Calculator gives a great idea of what you can expect from us in terms of minimum radius.

Changes in the profile design, or in our machine range may change our capabilities, so it’s always best to ask as well.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our capabilities. One of our bending engineers will be happy to talk you through our process.