Bending Heat Sink Profiles

Bending Heat Sink Profiles


Bending Aluminium heat sink profiles is a delicate process that requires serious attention to detail. Much care must be taken to ensure the bends are to the correct radius while not ruining the functionality of the heat sink.

While bending, special care is put into ensuring the distance between fins is maintained as much as possible through the bend. The bending radius must also be carefully planned so as not to disrupt airflow between the fins across the entire length.


Through our experience we have successfully curved heat sink profiles of various sizes. The main limiter we’ve found is fin height. The longest fins we have had success with were 500mm as anything over can introduce issues across the profile.


Our experience in heat sink profile bending has taught us that they are a far more complicated process than most extrusion bending jobs, but are no less possible, on small or large scale orders.


Key notes on Heat Sink Bending:

  • It is a very delicate process.
  • Up to 500mm high heat sink profiles can be formed
  • No damage to the fins
  • Small or large batch jobs taken on


If you would like to know more about our heat sink bending capacity, or our other aluminium bending services, please get in touch.