Controlled Twisting of Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium bending is a rather niche industry. Even more niche is the process of controlled twisting of aluminium profiles.



Controlled twisting aluminium sections is not a simple task. Often, during the aluminium bending process, some amount of accidental twisting can take place. This is usually a defect and is incredibly difficult to control when it does take place.


Twisting Aluminium Sections for Facade

Controlled Twisting

The process of controlled twisting is a specialist procedure and often requires unique and purpose built machines in order to properly control. The wave length, degree and radius of the twisted areas are all key features. This creates a purposeful and repeatable twists that can be used for a number of decorative purposes.

At Alubend we have a number of methods and machines for twisting aluminium extrusions. Our engineers can twist customer supplied profiles as well as a number of specialist twisting profiles designed for the absolute best results for twisting. We can work with profiles up to 500 mm wide and sections up to 8 meters long for twisting.




Twisting or 3D Bending?

Profiles can be twisted along a centre axis to create a helix twist, or they can be twisted and curved to to form unqiue 3D curved shapes of infinite possibilities. Different results require different twisting methods to produce and 3D twisted sections are quite possibly the most difficult to create accurately and repeatably.


Aluminium 3D bending on large profile


We have previously 3D curved the heaviest aluminium section to ever be bent this way. This was a truly unique undertaking and there is nothing quite like it in the world today.

Twisted aluminium profiles creates a whole new dimension of design space yet to be fully explored by engineers and architects. Advances in technologies and techniques have allowed us to now supply twisted extrusions to incredible standards.


Twisted metals are used as louvers, fences, gates, ramps, and partitions for its high versatility in design. For more details or a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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