Specialist Tooling for Unique Aluminium Profiles


Tooling production for aluminium extrusion bending is an often forgotten step. However it is one that has a massive impact on any project.

Tooling production brings its own lead time and cost. This can be mitigated by using standard aluminium profiles, as the chances are much higher that a set of tooling is already available. But what if your project has a custom designed profile or is purpose built for a project?


Specialist Tooling for Aluminium Extrusion Bending



Specialist aluminium profiles can often be curved just as easily as standard extrusions. The only difference being that a custom profile will need its own unique tooling set.

It stands to reason that the more complicated the profile, the more detailed the tooling will need to be. Custom shapes can also have dramatic effects on the bending qualities of the section. Additionally even slight alterations to a design can have dramatic effects on what is possible. This means that standard tooling makers cannot always be used as multiple stages of testing is often required to ensure a high quality end result.


In-House Tooling Design


Inhouse tooling design at alubend


At Alubend we have a team of skilled design engineers that have a great understanding of the structural qualities of aluminium. This gives them a step up from the very early stages of the design process. As they have an idea of what the material will do when given or lacking certain supports.

Our designers work off of a number of resources to create the requested tooling. Tooling can be produced based on drawings, physical samples or 3D models. In some cases we use 3D printing when a physical sample is not on hand. Therefore we ensure the tooling fits correctly once the material arrives.

Our team also utilizes a number of software packages to virtually test our tooling as it is designed, allowing us to save on tooling costs and reducing our tooling development time.


Experienced Tooling Machinists


Once the initial design process has been completed it is passed on to our skilled team of machinists. Who can accurately produce the required tooling. Our factory houses a range of lathes, routers, mills and more. These are all used regularly to create, refine and perfect our tooling. Each tool is then stored in its own dedicated location to allow for a seamless production process by our bending engineers.



A Focus on Quality


We understand that the careful planning in the tooling stage can cause fantastically smooth production in the bending stage. This consideration extends to each stage of production, allowing for enough time and care to be taken throughout a project to allow things to run smoothly and efficiently.


If you are looking for aluminium extrusion bending, produced efficiently, with great customer service and with a focus on quality above all then you have found your production partner.

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