Bending Structural Aluminium Sections

Can You Bend Structural Aluminium Sections?


Aluminium use has been on the rise in recent years. The fantastic strength to weight ratio of the material make it a perfect choice for a wide number of uses. Additionally, the unique properties of Bending Structural Aluminium allows for a number of specialist processes that allow it to take on any shape needed while still maintaining incredible structural strength.

One of these processes is roller bending. This can be used to create a wide range of product including curved aluminium window frames, curved lighting fixtures and many more.



One of the growing uses of aluminium is using it as structural components. This has long been something that cannot be curved, but recent technical developments have been made in the roller bending practices that allow for the safe production of curved structural aluminium.

The process to create these parts are more complex than standard roller bending. Curving structural aluminium parts require additional attention to detail and tighter than standard tolerances.


EN1090-3 for Structural Aluminium



Due to the safety requirements of structural components companies need special certification before being able to produce these parts. This is especially true when discussing curved parts, as the work process can change the structural properties of the section.

Because of this very few aluminium bending companies can offer curved aluminium. In the UK Alubend is the only aluminium bending company has the necessary EN1090-3 qualification. You can read more about the process of getting the EN1090 


Having the certification allows us to produce and CE mark curved structural aluminium components. CE marking is an absolute must in order to ensure the safety of any structural parts.




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Alubend fabricates EN1090-3 Certified structural components