Innovation In Aluminium Window Bending

Innovation In Aluminium Window Bending


Curving of window sections calls for a lot of skill, not to mention a wide range of specialist machinery. A typical open back box section such as a pocket outer frame used on shopfront systems is actually quite easy to bend. The clip-in plate used to close it off is also easily shaped. When you move onto more complex sections such as window sections or curtain walling sections that have the front nose for the pressure plate and cappings, things get more complicated.

Factor in other elements of window sections such as upstands and rebates, odd and equal leg profiles and things get far more complicated. When you are faced with these issues not only is there a risk that the curve won’t come out to the required radius. But also that the accompanying curved bead will not clip in correctly.



Simplifying the Process


Ordering curved windows has always been complex.  Anyone familiar with ordering and installing curved windows will have faced the extra work involved. From creating templates and drafting technical drawings, to deciding on surface treatments and finishes. As well as deciding the stages for all of these steps.

The vast majority of glass suppliers, aluminium panel manufacturers and metal section benders require templates to be provided. This is done to cover themselves understandably. Alubend are experienced in dealing with all manner of drawings and templates. We are happy to work with our customers to use what they have on hand. As long as we have a set of key measurements to be agreed on, we are happy to take the work forward.


Checklist of information we need:

These are the bare minimum we require before producing an informed quotation. Of course, the more detailed you are the easier it is for us to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

  • The Profile / Extrusion – A profile number at times is sufficient but we are always happy to receive a cross section.
  • Dimensions – Preferably a full technical drawing, but a simple sketch with measurements will also suffice.
  • Material Source – Free Issue or Material Supplied by Alubend
  • Powder Coated / Painted / Anodised– Please inform us if the provided sections are powder coated as this changes the bending process.
  • Quantity – Quite simply, how many pieces you require.


Finishing of extrusions is another factor. In the case of aluminium, sections are often curved before they are painted. This is the sensible approach as the powder-coated finish can potentially be marked. Or develop lines as they passes through the bending machine. When providing material ourselves, we will always source uncoated aluminium for bending. However, we understand that sometimes issued material is pre-coated. We have developed a number of protective processes that allow us to lessen the risks involved with bending coated sections.




Innovating Through Technology And Experience


The biggest issue facing section benders, architects and window installers is how tightly they can design a curved section. This is often limited based on the abilities of the Aluminium Window Bending Company and what tools they have access to. Certain sections are also far more complex and as a result are harder to achieve these tight bends with.

Our team of engineers have worked to modify existing tools and techniques. As well as create completely bespoke solutions to the issues that arise with tight curves. We have created a system that allows us to bend to very tight radius while keeping to incredibly tight tolerances. All this while still maintaining low service cost and short and reliable lead time.

Utilizing a number of different bending machine of varying sizes, models and styles we can reduce the lead time on orders dramatically.

Our experience with tooling has also taught us that tooling can make a huge difference when working with profiles.  Especially with complexities that range from simple box section to intricate sections that require multiple points of support.

Making use of a number of different filling types, tooling and heating methods to form the aluminium. We can curve aluminium in ways that other companies simply cannot do.


Completing hundreds of window bends a week, using a range of aluminium window systems. Including: ALUK, Senior, Smart, Comar, Raeyners, and many more. We are also working closely with a number of aluminium extruders to ensure we support latest developments in window system technology.


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