Free your Creativity with Curved Aluminium

Architects and Designers are always looking for the new big development that allows them to flex their creativity. Aluminium bending is one of the services that truly broaden the horizons of what is possible. 3D Curved Aluminium components can bring a whole new dimension to design possibilities.

We have been provided with a number of opportunities where someone has had an idea that seemed so far fetched it could not be possible. These clients were often told that it could not be done. At Alubend we truly believe that anything is possible and we have put this belief to the test on a number of fantastic projects that prove our point.

3D Curved Aluminium Window Frame


Aluminium bending allows for almost endless possibilities in terms of shape and usage of aluminium extrusions. Basic shapes such as circles, ovals, curved squares and more are simple enough. But why limit yourself?

Aluminium can be formed into almost any shape, giving life to metal in new and fantastic ways. Creating waves, twirls and even twists are all options. If you can dream it, it can be done. Some projects may require special alterations, but nothing is impossible.

Complex 3D Curved Aluminium

Many of our competitors stick to the simple, straight forward jobs. Designs that have been done before and offer very little risk. We choose to take strides where others fear to. To progress the industry and test the limits of our abilities. We are always happy to get an ‘easy’ job, but it’s the unique ones that get us really excited.



We encourage you to come up with unique, special and fantastic designs that we can bring to life. Give us a challenge and watch the magic come to life when we create things that no one else can.

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