Bending Aluminium with a Tangent

Curving Aluminium Extrusions with Tangents


In the aluminium section bending industry there are few things as deceptively difficult as bending with a tangent or straight.

Not all aluminium benders are able to offer tangent bending as manually adjusting is often not consistent. These bends also generally require machinery, and while CNC operated, this still requires considerable skill to complete.

A tangent almost always avoids a joint being made between a curve and a straight. While sometimes necessary, joints can lead to issues with components, including requiring blending and possibly creating a water ingress that can lead to larger issues.


Aluminium Bending Shapes


Successfully creating this tangent creates a final product with a number of considerable benefits. These including being more aesthetically pleasing, creating a more structurally strong component and saving money on additional fabrication steps.



CNC Aluminium Bending


Our CNC aluminium bending machines assist in creating smooth tangents in a consistent and repeatable way. Allowing us to do large runs of perfectly matched parts for large scale projects. Our machines interpolate the x-axis with the y-axis to form a smooth transition between the bending area and the straight, creating a seamless transition with very little risk of rippling.


Aluminium Bending Hollow Square Extrusion S Bend


All industries that use curved aluminium components can benefit from having interpolated bends. The obvious benefits are in arched window frames as you can create fantastically smooth curves. Structural components can also benefit from the added strength that an unbroken arch can supply. Arches are some of the strongest structural shapes and can allow a section to support a much greater load than if it had an obvious stress point such as a joint. The arch spreads the weight effectively over the full length of the component allowing it to withstand considerably more pressure.



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