Aluminium Bending for Electric Vehicle Parts

Use of Aluminium Bending has made great strides for Electric car manufacturers



Over recent years Aluminium Bending in electric cars have risen in popularity and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Additionally, the electric car market is set to be worth nearly £1 trillion by the year 2025. With that scale of market growth, innovation is key when looking to set yourself ahead of the pack. Inventing new technologies, developing new processes as well as using new materials are all ways that the industry has been pushing itself forward.

Some of the main issues in electric car production is the travel range possible on a battery charge. Therefore some of the greatest innovation have been made in this area. Better batteries. smarter engines and most importantly, lighter vehicles.

For this case, curved aluminium components have been a key element of development. The great strength to weight ratio that aluminium offers makes it the perfect material for many vehicle parts. Battery Frames, Door frames, Door seal carrier channels, Roof rails, Seat frames, Sunroof frames, Sports carriers, Trims & edgings, Windscreen frames,  Header rails, Window frames and more can all benefit from being made of curved aluminium sections.




Aluminium Bending for vehicle components at Alubend UK

At Alubend, we have experience working with vehicle manufacturers to create these components. We have the required quality control procedures to ensure our parts are compliant and effective. If you require PPAP reports for your automotive project, don’t hesitate to request them along with your order. We can deliver PPAP reports including process FMEAs, dimensional results, control plans, process flow diagrams, and PSWs.

We have worked with aluminium for years and are confident bending sections in a wide range of shapes, thickness and lengths. This allows us to offer services that many other bending companies would not. It is possible to curve aluminium extrusions in all axis as well as in three dimensions. Alubend are able to form all extruded aluminium profiles.


Alubend’s Standard Bending Tolerances


If you have any questions about our curved aluminium component production, please get in touch, our sales team will be happy to answer any questions and can get you in touch with one of our skilled bending engineers to discuss your needs.