Curved Architectural Aluminium Louvres and Solar Shading

Bending aluminium Solar Shading

There are many names for the aluminium window shading options, solar shading, Brise Solei, Louvers, all are aluminium shading options that can be curved to suit the façade or form creative designs that serve a purpose.

There are many benefits to using curved aluminium solar shading, these include:

  • Providing shading from harsh sunlight and reducing cooling costs.
  • Letting in sufficient natural light to reduce the use of artificial light.
  • Retaining the view outside while avoiding looking in and preventing reflections.
  • A wide range of design options to style to your needs.



Curved Louvres in all Shapes and Sizes

There are many different styles and shapes of solar shading. From box ends, bows, fins and more. One thing they all have in common is that they are all difficult to bend.  The wide range of styling options, shapes and designs means that each has its own areas of difficulty and each needs to be approached differently.

Especially when looking at more intricate and delicate designs that include thin walls and extra shapes that can easily deform.



Specialist Aluminium Bending

At Alubend we have experience with all forms of solar shading bending, this includes:

  • Curved or arched solar shading.
  • Asymmetrically bent louvres.
  • 3D formed solar shading.
  • Twisting louvre blades.


Curved louvres can add a unique profile to your building. We have experience providing large batch repeatable bends for aluminium solar shading projects. In these cases accuracy is of utmost importance as small differences are easy to spot in what should be identical blades.



Our experience includes some of the most advanced bending techniques that are incredibly specialised. Few aluminium bending companies can offer twisted section and even fewer can offer twisted aluminium louvre blades for solar shading.


As with all of our bending services we offer additional finishing options including powder coating in house to your specifications. We always recommend Powder coating or anodising for louvres as it offers an additional layer of protection from the outdoor elements that the louvres will be exposed to.


Find out more about our Louvre bending here.


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