Twisted Aluminium Extrusions for Solar Shading

Twisted Aluminium Extrusions for Solar Shading


Twisted aluminium fin profiles


External sunshades are simply the most effective method of reducing heat and glare in a building’s interior. Properly designed sun controls can reduce heat gain and increase the interior’s usable space by allowing occupants to sit adjacent to windows. Twisted Aluminium Extrusions are perfect for this use.

A number of options are available for blades shapes and designs, which allows a variety of blade configurations to produce a bespoke design. Adding bending and twisting to these choices allow for an almost infinite number of possibilities in terms of design.

Solar Shading is ideal for both new and existing construction. They provide effective shading while maintaining unobstructed views.


Adding a Twist to Aluminium Bending



Twisted Aluminium Extrusions is not something that every bending company can offer. Controlled twisting is a delicate process that requires specialist machinery and knowledge to accomplish.

We have developed a bespoke twisting machine that allows us to twist sections up to 7m long. When working with fins and blades usually used for solar shading projects, maintaining long unbroken lengths can be important to create a seamless and clean finish.


Finishing Treatments for External Parts



Surface treatment for external parts is always important, and we see to all such treatments inhouse, giving us complete control over the final product.

For example, our long heat treatment oven is used for all of our age hardening, allowing us to carefully control each batch.


Twisting sections is just one of the specialty bending services we provide. Let us know if you have a project that you think needs our unrivalled expertise.

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