Alubend’s Sustainability Plans

Sustainability and a greener way of working are very important to us. From using low energy machinery to recycling water bottles, we try to make a difference on every level.

Aluminium has been long known as one of the most widely recycled materials in the world. We are proud to process aluminium products and work with local recyclers to ensure that even scrap material is recycled effectively. Off cuts, damaged parts and unneeded sample pieces are all recycled.

Being proud members of ALFED, we have committed to adopt their new sustainability roadmap focusing on 3 pillars – decarbonisation, sustainable sourcing and the circular economy. While not all of their goals apply to us, we still feel there is a lot we can do to better then environment by working responsibly and sustainably.

ALFED Sustainability Roadmap

We encourage our partners and customers to aim to reduce waste, reduce our carbon footprint and make all of our industry safe and sustainable. This way we can continue to supply, fabricate, manufacture or produce aluminium products for years to come.