Bending LED Light Extrusions

Creating Artwork with Bending LED Light Extrusions


Bending LED Light Extrusions


Our engineers have mastered the art of Bending LED Light Extrusions, thin walled aluminium into a wide range of shapes. Often, light weight extrusions used to reduce ceiling load the profiles are notoriously difficult to bend.

We have specialist machines that allow us to easily sections into seamless shapes including full circles, closed rectangles and triangles. These shapes can then be welded by our multi-certified welding team, or be left open if needed.

We can then offer finishing surfaces including polishing or powder coating to your required specifications, all done in house..

Many customers ask for trial part before a final order is placed and we are always happy to offer trial parts to put your mind at ease.

Common circular shapes are possible with a single joint. Many other shapes are also available to meet the requirements of any architect or interior planner.

Generally extrusions for lighting are around 3 metres in length, this is no issue for us as our machines can handle lengths up to 7.5m long, including heat treatment if necessary.


Information on Bending Aluminium Extrusions



We bend a wide range of parts at our factory, everything from windows to vehicle components. Everything from thick solid sections to thing and delicate profiles. We also bend a wide range of radius and work with lengths of up to 7.5m long.

You can find plenty of information across our website. Check our aluminium bending page for general information on profile bending.

We can supply a number of different bending services including:

  • General Aluminium Bending
  • End-to-End Bending
  • 3D Section Bending
  • Twisting of Aluminium Profiles



Material Grades for bending LED lighting extrusions


We almost always recommend bending in T4 temper although larger radii are fine with T5 and T6. More difficult sections must use T4 followed by an in-house hardening process which we are able to provide. The hardening is an over night process but takes place in a controlled method that eliminates any risk distortion.

We have a table of the various aluminium alloys and their properties, as well as how they translate tot he bending process.

Aluminium Alloys and Properties

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