CNC Machining for Curved Aluminium Components

CNC Machining for Curved Aluminium


One of the many services we offer along side our aluminium bending is Machining for Curved Aluminium. We have a team of machinists who are specialised to machine curved aluminium components. This way we can machine parts both before, and after the bending process is complete. All of this completely in house to ensure the same level of quality throughout the process.

This gives us the adaptability to have full control over any potential distortions or difficulties that the bending process might introduce to the machining. This way we can limit, or outright prevent, any issues from arising as we work.

Some of our notable machining centres are our

3-axis CNC machining

  • High Accuracy
  • Efficient Tool Changing
  • Working length of 6 meters

5-axis CNC machining

  • Able to machine extremely complex parts
  • Single setup for accurate repeatability
  • Automatic tool changing
  • Working area of 2500x8000x600mm



Tooling stores for aluminium profile bending


Our tooling used for bending is all created inhouse in our tooling production area. We use a number of tools to create highly engineered tooling for our machines. This way they produce accurate and repeatable bends. Our CNC Router makes quick work of new tooling designs and brings down the cost of tooling production dramatically. This is what allows us to have the best pricing and turn over for custom tooling of any bending company in the UK.



Processes for Machining of Curved Aluminium

We work to strict quality standards throughout our facilities. Our main quality standards are ISO9001:2015 and the EN1090-3 for structural aluminium.

These standards dictate all of our processes from start to finish. This means keeping material orderly, checking the quality throughout production and ensuring safe storage and delivery to the final customer.

Our structural components go through testing at various points throughout production to ensure the strength of the material is fit for purpose.


Large Aluminium Structure Analysis


Avoiding Errors


One of the best ways to increase quality and limit errors is to have multiple check points for each job. We instruct our team to look out for key factors all the way through from receiving the order to delivery to the customer. This means that each stage has its own purpose built inspection method including flatness, twisting and hardness checking throughout production.


Our final quality check involves a full CMM report with our multi-axis CMM scanner arm that will tell us precise details about bend accuracy, machining accuracy and more.

We then create a detailed report to provide you with peace of mind that your parts will arrive perfect, every time.


If you would like to know more about our capabilities please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact form, emailing us at  or giving us a call on 0333 305 0690