CE Marked Curved Structural Aluminium

EN1090-3 for Curved Structural Aluminium Certification

We are the only profile bending company in the UK to hold the EN1090-3 EXC3 certification. This certification allows us to supply CE marked curved structural aluminium components in the UK and throughout Europe.

EN 1090 is one such harmonised standard which covers constructional steel and aluminium. Since July 2014, products
within the scope of this standard must be CE Marked when released to market.
If you are producing an aluminium construction product which is being sold in the UK or the wider EAA, there is a legal
requirement for you to CE Mark this product. In order to do this you need help from what’s called a Notified Body (NB).

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Here is a short video explaining the EN1090 certification and how it is so important for structural components:


Together with the ISO9001:2015 Certification this makes us the most certified Aluminium bending company in the UK. At Alubend we can bend the full range of structural aluminium profiles, from 6mm up to 7500mm on our range of specialist aluminium bending machines.

Today, aluminium is used for roofs, siding, translucent panes, window and doorframes, staircases, air conditioning systems, solar protection, heating systems, furniture and many other things. It use cases in the field of structures and architecture is only growing as we find ways to utilise its light weight properties as well as its appeal as a green resource.

Aluminium enables an endless amount of architectural concepts to be realised. Regardless of whether it is a new build or a modernization. Possible applications range from façades and roof and wall manufacturers of Aluminium building products systems to interior decoration. Including windows and doors, balconies and conservatories. The fields of use also extend to surface treatment, thermal insulation and soundproofing, air conditioning and solar heating.

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Curved Structural Aluminium EN1090-3 Certified