Premium Bending with Inhouse Finishing Services

Premium Bending Services

Alubend was founded to provide a full premium bending services that included any extra manufacturing before being sent to our customers.

We have worked in and around the aluminium bending industry for years. So we know that in most cases bending companies will offer the bending and little more. This often makes things more complicated for the customer and can raise costs dramatically in the long run.

With this in mind we have invested thousands into our various facilities. To create a truly inhouse production experience. Where material enters and complete components leave.


Our range of inhouse services include:

  • Aluminium Bending
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • CMM Inspection
  • Heat Treatment
  • Powder Coating & Surface treatment
  • and More

Each service has been given the investment to exist as a stand alone workshop in our facility. We treat each step with the same care and attention as our main bending service.


Aluminium Bending

Arched windows curved by Alubend


We have a wide range of premium bending machines to tackle any job you could imagine.

Our machines are able to bend sections as small as 6mm, all the way up to 600mm large. This allows us the range to complete highly accurate curved parts for a wide range of industries, including Windows & Doors, Automotive, Aerospace, Architecture and general manufacture.

Our facilities also allow us to process full section length up to 12m long, and beyond depending on the extrusion and bending needed.

Some of our more specialist bending processes include 3D bending, Twisted profiles, Extremely tight bends and bending powder coated parts with no marking.



Our highly skilled inhouse welding team is always ready to supply a welding service for your project. Our welders are all certified through the WQIC and offer top quality aluminium welding to help finish off your components.




Hitatchi Maching Sped Up s

Machining is of key importance to a number of our on going projects and we have invested heavily into this field to offer the best available machining for curved parts in the industry. Not only are our machines run by experienced machinists, but they have been specially trained to work specifically with curved aluminium components.

They have unrivalled expertise in this field and are able to offer us the versatility to decide when is the best time in the components production to machine for the best possible results.

This flexibility would not be possible if we were outsourcing our marching and would otherwise introduce a chance of deformation of the bend or the machined features. This is why we choose to machine everything in our controlled environment so that any issues can immediately be resolved.


Heat Treatment

Twisted profiles in the heat treatment oven

An important step in many aluminium bending projects is heat treatment. This is especially important if components are set to be structural.

Our facilities include a 7.5m long heat treatment oven, purpose built for working with long sections of aluminium profiles. Without this, costs for treating these sections would be substantial for both ourselves and our customers. But thanks to our inhouse facilities we are able to keep these costs, and production times, down while increasing the reliability of our treatments by ensuring it is being run by staff trained specifically for these processes.


Surface Treatment


Surface treatment can range from simply ensuring a clean smooth surface after all processing, to our inhouse powder coating services. We have a solution for any of your surface treatment needs.



CMM Reports for aeronautics and transport industries

We take quality very seriously here and have invested in a range of top quality inspection equipment to provide our customers with the ease of mind that the product they receive from us are always within spec.

From the basics like template production and check jigs, to full CMM 3D scan or probing reports, we offer a selection of checking options to best fir your projects needs.

As with all of our other services, all inspections are performed inhouse by our team.



And More

We believe in giving our customers what they need. If your project requires a specific process or check, let us know. We will always go out of our way to provide the best quality customer service and assist in any way that we can.


Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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