Aluminium Window Frame Bending

Bending aluminium window frames add an incredible amount of character to any structure. Just looking at these frames does not express the incredible process that goes into producing them.

The curving of window sections calls for a lot of skill, not to mention a wide range of specialist machinery. A typical open back box section such as a pocket outer frame used on shopfront systems is actually quite easy to bend. The clip-in plate used to close it off is also easily shaped. Things get complicated when you move onto more complex sections such as curtain walling sections that have the front nose for the pressure plate and caps.



The biggest issue facing section benders, architects and window installers is how tightly they can design a curved section. This is often limited based on the abilities of the bending company. Certain sections are also far more complex and as a result are harder to achieve these tight bends with.

Our team of engineers have worked to per as well as create completely bespoke solutions to the issues that arise with tight curves. We have created a system that allows us to bend to very tight radius while keeping to incredibly tight tolerances. All this while still maintaining low service cost and short and reliable lead time.

We do this by utilizing a number of different bending machine of varying sizes, models and styles.



tight bends window frame 2 s

Many of our customers request the use of free issue material. Sections that they have in stock or are more familiar with. When working with these sections there can be a number of aspects that make a project more complicated.

Factors such as;

is it a bespoke extrusion?

Our inhouse tooling centre allows us to create bespoke tooling at a moments notice for our customers extrusion.

Are the extrusions already powder coated or anodised?

Powder coated or anodised sections can be curved without damage to the surface treatment as long as special care is taken.

Have the sections already been cut to length?

There are a number of ways to bend sections that might be a bit short for comfort on the average bending machine. Our range allows us a number of options on shorter sections

Each of these factors add a list of new processes that we have developed in order to better accommodate our customers and their needs.


Pack curved aluminium window frames

We complete hundreds of window bends a week, using a range of aluminium window systems. These include: ALUK, Senior, Smart, Comar, Raeyners, and many more. We are also working closely with a number of aluminium extruders to ensure we support latest developments in window system technology.