Workplace Experience at Alubend UK

Interview with Ferre Williams on her Work Experience

We recently had the pleasure to host Ferre Williams in a Workplace Experience at Alubend UK – Telford

Ferre is an up and coming business student who approached us to explore what a workplace is like in a real world setting. We believe in sharing our knowledge and encouraging others to enter our industry, this is the same mindset that drives us to be part of the apprenticeship program.

Because of this we invited Ferre to join our staff and experience 2 weeks in out facilities. Exploring various job roles and showing her the wide range of skill sets that a business requires to run successfully.

She spent 2 weeks at our company. Learning the ins and outs of the business and what makes it tick. As well as the scale and scope of the various job roles throughout a production company such as ourselves.

Workplace experience can be a game changer for young students. It gives a realistic view of what daily life in a job role will be. This means that more accurate decisions can be made on which paths are best suited for you. As well as what mindset and skills you should look for.

If you’d like to know more about our company, our services or any job roles we currently have open, please get in touch.