5-Axis Machining at Alubend UK – Telford

5-Axis Machining for Curved Aluminium Parts


5 Axis Machining at Alubend


We offer many services here at Alubend – welding, heat treatment, powder coating and more. But few are as impressive as our 5-Axis machining capabilities for formed aluminium components. Our 5 Axis Centre boasts a number of amazing features, including:

  • Working area of 2.5m x 8m
  • Rotary Speed 0-18000rpm/min
  • ± 0.05mm/m Precision
  • Able to machine 2D & 3D curved Components
  • Single setup for accurate repeatability
  • Automatic tool changing
  • In-house Machining

A fully Inhouse Service


In-house 5-axis machining is one of our most sought after offers.

Providing 3D bent extrusions and aluminium components has in the past led to issues of post bending machining, as not many machining companies can offer high accuracy 5-axis machining for these parts.

It was because of this that we opened our in-house machining centre, to alleviate that difficulty for our customers of finding a machinist to finish their parts.

We have developed a team of operators, specialty trained to machine these curved aluminium parts allowing us to provide a fully bespoke service to our customers and their projects. This is especially true when working with prototyping. As it allows us to keep the product in our hands the whole way through production, ensuring a total lock down on information and quality control.


Machining for a Range of Markets

So far our machining centre has been used in a range of very impressive projects from a range of sectors, including

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Aesthetics

Each market comes with its own set of challenges and even then no two jobs are ever the same. This wide range of markets drives the need for skilled, creative operators who are inclined problem solvers above all.

We are continually impressed by the range and accuracy of our machines and machinists. Fabricating the curved components we do is by no means an easy task and our machinist are some of the most skilled in the UK.

Machining both 2D components is one thing, but working with 3D parts is what really sets our machining capabilities above the rest.

You can read more on our Machining page to see what other machining capabilities are.

If you’d like to find out more or get us involved in your next project, get in touch.