BS EN 15085 – New Certification for Alubend UK

Alubend UK are BS EN 15085 Certified

We are delighted to announce that Alubend UK have recently been awarded certification by our certification body LRQA to EN 15085 (Class 2 & Class 3 Type P) – further details can be found on



In addition to our existing ISO 9001 QMS accreditation. We have demonstrated that we have the capability to provide welded structures, assemblies and components to the railway industry. All whilst meeting personnel qualification, quality system compliance, welding procedure qualification and operational performance requirements for welding and fabrication. This allows us to supply parts for the Rail sector accredited by UKAS and in compliance with European (EWF) and International (IIW) Standards.


Alubend UK - EN 15085-2 Certificate

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Alubend (515kB)

Our appointed Welding Coordinator has many years of experience working in a variety of challenging industry sectors. They lead a skilled, qualified & dedicated team of Welding personnel, inspectors and engineers.

Our team utilises both our existing quality management systems and new Factory Master shop floor terminals & data capture system offer the factory production control (FPC). As well as traceability measures to ensure the quality requirements of our expanding client base and product scope.

We’d like to congratulate our welding team for the phenomenal work they are outputting on a daily basis.  Their skills in this field are undeniable and their consistency unmatchable.

Alubend UK are quickly positioning ourselves as a key supplier for manufacturers in the railway industry. 

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