Supplying Curved Railway Components

Curved aluminium components for the railway industry are coming into ever higher demand. As vehicles look to become lighter and designers move away from hard corners formed aluminium components are becoming the norm.

Our range of curved aluminium components for rail

At Alubend UK we are capable of bending and fabricating a wide range of aluminium parts, including rail specific components. These include:

  • Formed window frames
  • Curved door frames
  • Smooth cornered table edging
  • Rounded seat frames
  • Curved aluminium edging options
  • Aluminium accents for train interiors
  • Round or curved lighting extrusions
  • Catering trolley components

Even with our extensive range of offerings, we are constantly approached to work on completely new designs or ideas. We have very rarely turned a new idea away completely and always look to work with our customers to develop the best possible version of their vision.

A wide range of curved railway components



A full suite of inhouse services for curved rail components

At Alubend UK, we offer so much more than bending. We also offer full inhouse machining, welding, heat treatment and surface treatment.

These are all offered as part of our package, meaning less middlemen in production and more assurance of quality and consistency.

Curved aluminium parts heat treatment



Quality you can trust

Two of the most important factors when producing rail parts are Quality and Consistency. This is especially true in safety critical components. This is why we put such an immense effort into meeting and maintaining incredibly high standards in our factory, with the accreditation to back it up.

We are certified in both the ISO 9001 for quality and the EN 15085 for railway components welding and manufacturing.

You can view these certifications and more on our download page

We maintain these certifications through extensive staff training, the best possible checking equipment and repeat quality checks at every stage of production. These checks involve a range of tools, including: Full size Plots, Go / No-Go jigs and CMM probing & 3D scanning.

CMM of Curved Railway Components


If you are looking for a new supplier for your curved railway components, get in touch. Our team will be happy to discuss what we can do for you.