4 Day work week at Alubend UK

Increasing in productivity through our 4 day work week


Alubend UK are joining the growing list of companies putting their employees wellbeing first and adopting the 4 day work week. This may seem like a radical idea, but companies have been gradually reducing the number of hours worked within a typical work week since the late 19th century.

Of late, many companies across the UK and Europe have been trailing a 4 day work week schedule. And to great success rates across the board.

Some of the main goals of the change to 4 days are:

  • To achieve the same results in fewer hours so people have more time to manage their lives and wellbeing.
  • Increase sales, decrease worker burnout, and lower turnover of staff.
  • Emphasize results instead of hours.
  • Lessen the need to commute as much to and from the office.

These goals have generally been met and exceeded and it is because of this that We have decided to change our staff over as well. We offered our employees of all levels the opportunity to opt in or out. It has been a resoundingly positive response to wanting to the change. Our staff are working harder than ever and the moral has been on a clear rise since starting the trial in early August of 2022.

Working with a wide range of industries, you learn that each brings its own innovation to the markets. We are always looking for ways to improve productivity and results across the business and we are happy to trial new and innovative systems in order to get the best for our employees, customers and company as a whole.


If you are interested in our company, our services or any open position we may have, get in touch.