Aluminium Bending Service

What is Aluminium Bending?

Aluminium Structural H section curved Aluminium bending –  more specifically roller bending – is a process by which extruded aluminium profiles are fed through a set of rollers where pressure is applied and the section is smoothly curved. This albeit simple sounding process includes a number of pitfalls that are easy to miss for the untrained operator. Many design as well as environmental factors can change the way an extrusion responds to the bending process. As a result impacting the degree to which it can be successfully formed. Skilled operators and specialist machinery result in almost any shape being possible when bending aluminium profiles.

Design Impacts on Aluminium Bending


Alloys and Tempers

In high purity forms, aluminum is soft, ductile, malleable and light. These features allow to bend aluminum, without the risk of breaking it and causing cracks. Changes in the composition in many alloys can make this process more risky. This is why certain alloys are considered easier to bend than others. As well as explaining why certain alloys and tempers require additional processing before forming is feasible. We have previously discussed aluminium alloys and tempters for bending in more detail.  

Extrusion Design

We have previously done a break down of how extrusion design can impact the bending of an aluminium section. Shape, thickness and details play a huge role in the bendability of a section. We discuss this in greater detail on a previous post: Read our post: Design for Bending

Our Capabilities

Forming Aluminium Sections

Our main focus as a business is perfecting the art of aluminium bending. At the same time we aim to supply reliable, repeatable bending that cannot be beat.

  • Little or no marking of aluminium sections
  • A wide range of tooling on hand
  • In house tooling design and manufacture
  • Saw cutting to length
  • Massive range of machines
  • Highly experienced bending engineers

Specialist 3D Bending

Being a specialist aluminium bending company we offer a range of advanced bending services that the average supplier simply cannot. Through the use of our wide range of custom built bending machines as well as the years of experience under out belt we are able to bend sections in ways that seem to defy physics.

  • Specialists in 3D bending
  • Custom 3D bending machines
  • A wide range of supported profiles
  • Inhouse design team
  • Unparalleled experience in 3D bending

3D bends can be utilized in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Architectural Design
  • Automotive Components
  • Decorative Design

Accurate Twisted Profiles

Alubend twisted fin profiles Twisting is often a troublesome side effect of the bending process. However, we have developed methods to harness the twisting properties of many sections to create truly breathtaking controlled twists.

  • Aluminium Profile Twisting up to 600 x 100mm
  • Lengths up to 12 meters
  • Consistent, repeatable twists
  • Variable twists

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