Component Production for UK Rail

Curved Aluminium Component Production for UK Rail


The UK rail industry has undergone a radical transformation over recent years. Component production for UK rail industries being done locally has been a key factor to the smooth improvement in the field. Quickly becoming one of the safest, most reliable and most punctual rail networks anywhere in
the world. In a regional context these achievements are reflected in higher passenger approval and safety rankings than key European competitors

The outlook for the Railway Equipment Manufacturing industry is positive, largely thanks to ongoing projects undertaken by Alstom Transport UK and Hitachi and further investment in the rail sector.



Curved aluminium use in the Rail Sector

Producing curved components for the rail sector introduces a number of new challenges and criteria that must be met. Therefore we have invested in and recieved certification in a range of processes allowing us to manufacture a wide range of components fit for purpose in the rail industry. Certification such as the EN 15085, which certifies us to weld components for use int he rail sector.


What curved aluminium components can we produce?

  • Access treadplates
  • Carriage side windows & frames
  • Curved roof and bodyside structural components
  • Door frames
  • Glazed screens
  • Lighting & sign frames
  • Luggage racks
  • Glazed booths
  • Seat frames & components
  • Structural frames for Bellows inter-carriage systems
  • Train external nameplates
  • Tubular hand rails
  • Wheelchair support frames
  • Windscreen frames

On the track to greatness

Our in-house production is equipped with a team of experienced engineers and state-of-art machinery that allows us to offer you the best aluminium solutions.

Focused on your individualized specifications and customized order so that we always deliver high-quality aluminium rail parts and components that are tailor-made to your requirements.

Our unique bending method together with our innovative production facility are the factors that set us apart from competition.


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