Bending Aluminium Façades

Bending Aluminium Façades

Aluminium Bending for Curtain Wall

Developing smarter aluminium facades and taller buildings in cities, as well as urban areas around the world, is increasing to accommodate our growing global population. However, by building taller, we must also build smarter. Aluminium construction not only enables lighter, stronger and more efficient projects but also an opportunity to create new ways of manufacturing components to meet any requirements.

More intelligent profiles are required to meet the growing demand for aluminium in the construction industry. These smarter profiles are often more complex and therefore introduce new hurdles to cross. With careful planning and advanced bending machinery, these challenges are overcome.


What Aluminium Façades can be formed?


Virtually any aluminium extrusion can be curved. However, the tightness of the achievable radius of a section is based on several factors, including the width of the profile, the thickness of the material as well as the complexity of the extrusion. For this purpose, we ensure that our facilities are stocked with the most advanced machinery available, including many bespoke units designed to tackle the most difficult bends.

Aluminium façade components of all types can be curved, including:

  • Mullions
  • Transoms
  • Curtain Wall
  • Fenestration Systems
  • Thermal Broken Profiles
  • Solar Shading
  • Louvers

Bending Aluminium Transoms and Mullions


We have a long history of bending mullion and transom sections to great success, as well as forming many other façade components. Working with profiles that many say are impossible to bend to the required radius. These large flat sections are often prone to warping and twisting as well as tearing and cracking.

Our CNC bending machinery make quick work of even the most stubborn sections. This is only one of the reasons that we are the most successful aluminium bending company in the UK.


How tight can you bend façade profiles?

Our aluminium profile bending and fabrication facilities are stocked with the most advanced bespoke aluminium forming machinery available. Due to this the tightness of our bends are pushing the very boundaries of what is possible. Specifically, we are able to bend 500mm profiles to a 1200mm radius without issue.

Our bending calculator can advise on our standard bending radius capabilities. However, be sure to get in touch and discuss your project in detail. Our facilities are ever-innovating and changing what we are capable of.

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