Minimum Bending Radius for Aluminium Window Sections

What is the minimum bending radius for Aluminium Window profiles?

A question that is one of the greatest driving factors in the development of the aluminium bending industry. Finding the absolute minimum bending radius for aluminium window profiles is a boundary that we are constantly pushing. Developing new machines and advanced bending techniques to challenge this limit.

Arched windows curved by Alubend

With the bending of aluminium extrusions there is a minimum radius the profile will bend to before the geometry of the section falls outside the acceptable tolerance for the extrusion.

We have variable centre machines which enable differing tool sizes, but most importantly offers the bend plan width to bend centre ratio for the section. If this bending ratio is not optimised the section will be crushed and the profile disfigured. Our machines are also all servo electric enabling all of the rolls to rotate at exactly the correct speed instead of using a slip clutch or fixed speeds like most other machines.


Small or Large Batch production

Our main market has been export for large scale projects but we take on all size contracts, down to single items. New systems have enabled the processing of even the smallest jobs to be done efficiently.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a process in which a limited run of a part is created in a short time. This process is often done as part of the design process. As it will often identify issues in a physical item that may not be apparent during the design process. In terms of curved aluminium components, rapid prototypes have historically not been feasible. We have looked to change this and have developed a set of key processes that allow us to output prototype components with incredibly short lead times.


The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

  • Faster new product development
  • Early-stage design/concept validation of the form, fit, and function of the design
  • Production method and timeframe confirmation
  • Functionality testing of the concept and final product specification
  • Hands on interaction with the final product


Large Scale Production

The main difference between small and large scale production comes down to consistency. Doing a 1 off part perfectly is one challenge, but continuing to attain the same results over thousands of items is a completely different matter.

We utilise a number of key processes to enable us to offer large scale production to even the most stick of industries. Automotive, Rail and Aerospace components are all possible in our large scale production lines. With consistent results our main area of focus.

Quality assurance processes
  • Intellegent Training & Refresher Systems
  • Full scale Plots and Check jigs
  • Production level quality control
  • Inhouse CMM component scanning and reporting



Our team are dedicated to, above all, supplying the best possible service to our customers through our full range of in-house services. These include:

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