Impossibly Tight Aluminium Bends

That is the minimum bending radius for Aluminium profiles?

A question that is one of the greatest driving factors in the development of the aluminium bending industry. The absolute minimum bending radius for aluminium profiles is a limit we are constantly testing. We’ve had amazing success in impossibly tight aluminium bernds in a range of profile systems, especially in the window and facade markets where we are able to bend the tightest radius bends in the world.


With the tight radius bending of aluminium extrusions the main risk is how far you can push a profile before the geometry distorts, collapses or even tears. We use a range of processes including heat treatment, special filling techniques and specialist machines to reduce this risk. Allowing us to create impossibly tight radius bends that few others would even attempt.


What influences the bending radius of aluminium?


A wide variety of factors affect the bending radius of aluminium profiles. Both design factors as well as environmental can greatly influence the limits that each profile has. Some of these factors include: 



  • Material Alloy
  • Material Temper
  • Material Thickness
  • Round / Curved Corners
  • Symmetry / Asymmetry of the Profile
  • Complexity of the Profile
  • Bending Method
  • Tooling Material
  • Temperature of the Workshop


Our goal as a specialist aluminium bending company has always been to prove how versatile and innovative the field can be. Constantly striving to show that nothing is truly impossible.


Thin walled aluminium curved to tight radius for first aid box



Our team are dedicated to, above all, supplying the best possible service to our customers through our full range of in-house services. These include:

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