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Alubend are Aluminium Section Bending Specialists


Alubend is the premium service for curved and twisted aluminium extrusions.

We provide all aluminium bending services as well as machining, welding, assembly, strengthening, powder coating and anodising, all to individual customer specifications.

We can bend aluminium extrusions of almost any size into an almost limitless amount of shapes. With our customized machines and our fully in-house production we can make any tools needed to get the bends required.

You can find our capacity and other useful downloads on our information page.  

Alubend is the only aluminium bending company in the UK certified to EN1090-3 EXC3.

Which allows us to CE mark curved structural aluminium sections.


 Try our Aluminium Bending Minimum Radius Calculator to get an idea of our minimum radius capabilites.

Alubend Aluminium Bending Factory
Curved Aluminium Circle being Welded
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Alubend are a proud memeber of ALFED.

We work with the Aluminium Federation to grow the skills and knowledge of aluminium across the UK.

Alubend provides cutting edge aluminium profile forming and bending knowledge.

We offer a wide range of services in addition to #aluminium #bending
One of these is our top class inhouse #machining

Our team of skilled machinist make quick work of almost any job and are specially gear towards machining #curved aluminium #sections

We work with everything from #arched #window #frames to #unique #3D #sculptures.

Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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Latest Aluminium Extrusion Bending News

Premium Bending with Inhouse Finishing Services

We have worked in and around the aluminium bending industry for years. So we know that in most cases bending companies will offer the bending and little more. This often makes things more complicated for the customer and can raise costs dramatically in the long run....

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Aluminium Section Bending Apprentices

Training the next generation of Aluminium Section Bender   We are proud to announce our participation in the Telford College Apprenticeship program. We've recently taken new apprentices onboard and we could not be happier with our candidates. Telford College has...

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CMM Reports for Tight Tolerance Production

Many of the industries we cater to, including Automotive, Aeronautics and Transport, require incredibly tight tolerances on their formed aluminium components. Conforming to these tolerances is therefore very important in our factory and catching any imperfections is...

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Aluminium is one of the most versatile metals due to its impressive weight to strength ratio. Because of that we can cater to many markets and help them take advantage of the power and flexibility of custom aluminium fabrication.


At Alubend we hold quality as our highest standard. We have many years of experience in creating the best quality bent aluminium extrusions with minimal distorting and no cracking. Every step in our process is checked multiple times to ensure that no mistakes are allowed through to the next stage.