The Dome – AT&T

The Dome

A multimedia centre for the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas Texas. The Discovery District is a new attraction located at the headquarters of AT&T. It is a new downtown destination where tech, culture and entertainment combine to create unique experiences.

AT&T Dallas

AT&T are a multimedia corporation that is the largest telecommunications company in the world. They are also a parent company of WarnerMedia and more.


Gensler are a world class design firm the have designed incredible buildings, structures and spaces.


The Dome was installed in January of 2020



The Project:


We were approached by AT&T to create a unique structure to serve as the centre piece of their newly upgraded Dallas Discovery District.

The Dome was to be a physical interpretation of the AT&T logo and would be a multimedia interactive sculpture that would play host to a number of high profile events.

We worked closely with the designers and engineers to create a structure that would be truly one of a kind. The project involved bending what is quite possible the largest aluminium profiles ever curved to create the 15 supporting ribs.

The profiles each weighed 55 kg/m, the heaviest profile ever produced Hydro Aluminium Extruders. These custom profiles required a custom made aluminium bending system to be produced. We used a number of custom fitted aluminium bending machines to carefully curve each of the 15 aluminium structural ribs. Each rib had a unique radius as well as a unique amount of controlled twisting, which together create the shape of the dome.


Structural Analysis:


We performed a number of safety critical structural analysis on each design component, highlighting problem areas and suggesting alterations that were then developed by the architects.




To ensure correct fitting, the nearly 10 meter tall structure was assembled inside of our Telford Factory, which allowed us to ensure correct fit and appearance before sending it on its nearly 7,500 km journey to Dallas.

This project was a perfect example of us bending what was impossible. Before approaching us, the designers we told time and again that it could not be done. We saw the opportunity in the challenge and proved that we truly can bend anything.







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