Fuelling the future
of Twisted Profiles

  • Twisted profiles up to 600 x 100mm section size
  • Lengths up to 12 metres
  • Consistent curves
  • Various shapes and twist profiles

When it comes to curved and twisted aluminium extrusions, Alubend is without a doubt the partner you have been looking for. With many years of experience and a proven record of successfully completed projects, we promise to provide you with high-quality twisted profiles that are tailor-made to your exact specifications and requirements. One thing is for sure: We settle for nothing less than perfect.

Twisted Profiles

As the name suggests, Twisted Profiles are aluminium extrusions that are curved and twisted into a limitless amount of shapes and sizes. Considering that curved aluminium has nowadays become an essential component of the entire aluminium industry, Twisted Profiles have added to range with their innovative and modern aesthetic.

Key markets

Whether it’s for architectural and industrial design, decorative features, or even solar shading – twisted aluminium extrusions are widely used in numerous industries and sectors worldwide. Although the vast majority of the projects relate to the architectural and transportation industry, curved aluminium extrusions have been exponentially gaining popularity among other market sectors.

Bending Technology

Our inhouse production is manned by a team of experts and state-of-art machinery that can make any custom aluminium shape possible. Our unique bending method together with our advanced inhouse production facility, allows us to bend sections up to 12 meters long, 600mm wide, and 100mm thick.


At Alubend, we make sure to provide you with a complete solution. Not only we cater for all the bending services, but we also cater for the machining, welding, assembly, strengthening, powder coating and anodising of the material. Always with the individual customer specifications in mind.



We use the latest technology and advanced machinery to ensure that your architectural structures are crafted precisely and effectively without any inaccuracies. Our buildings and architectural work will be ready for delivery only if it passes our stringent standards and controls.


If you require PPAP reports for your project, don’t hesitate to request them along with your order. We can deliver PPAP reports including process FMEAs, dimensional results, control plans, process flow diagrams, and PSWs.