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The rail industry is a long-established industry in which aluminium technology is heavily applied. Modern rail transportation calls for robust aluminium body structures, organic curves, top performance, and high efficiency.

While the top priority is the quality of the aluminium, the rail industry also has a strong eye for details that could lead to improved productivity and cost-savings.


Aluminium Bending for Rail

Our in-house production is equipped with a team of experienced engineers and state-of-art machinery that allows us to offer you the best aluminium solutions.

Focused on your individualized specifications and customized order, we will deliver high-quality aluminium rail parts and components that are tailor-made to your requirements.

Our unique bending method together with our innovative production facility are the factors that set us apart from competition.

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Curved aluminium rail components

At Alubend, you will find several parts we can supply for the rail industry, including:

  • Access treadplates
  • Carriage side windows & frames
  • Curved roof and bodyside structural components
  • Door frames
  • Glazed screens
  • Lighting & sign frames
  • Luggage racks
  • Glazed booths
  • Seat frames & components
  • Structural frames for Bellows inter-carriage systems
  • Train external nameplates
  • Tubular hand rails
  • Wheelchair support frames
  • Windscreen frames

Components can be made according to your specifications.

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As specialists in aluminium bending for rail, we want to provide you with a complete solution that meets and excels your expectations. For this reason, not only we cater for the bending services, but we also cater for the machining, welding, assembly, strengthening, powder coating, and anodising of the rail parts.


We use the latest technology and advanced machinery to ensure that your aluminium profiles are produced precisely and effectively without any inaccuracies. Your rail parts will be ready for delivery only if they pass our stringent standards and controls.


If you require PPAP reports for your rail project, don’t hesitate to request them along with your order. We can deliver PPAP reports including process FMEAs, dimensional results, control plans, process flow diagrams, and PSWs.